Sebastian’s Italian Family Sunday Dinner

Re-Connect with Family, Italian Style!


In traditional Italian families, everyone, young and old, sits down together for Sunday dinner.  It’s a time when families get to re-connect, after a busy week.

Now, at Sebastian’s Restaurant, everyone can have a traditional Italian Family Sunday Dinner, because each and every Sunday, the restaurant offers something different–pasta and pizza!

Enjoy real Italian pizza, with home-made dough and fresh toppings, with a hint of excellent Italian olive oil (all pizzas are 33 cm).  A variety of delicious pastas are available as well.  Please note, the regular menu is not available during the Italian Family Sunday Dinners. The restaurant opens at 5:30 PM and reservations are always highly recommended.

And one can’t have a traditional Italian Family Sunday Dinner without a little vino, so those who would like to make their meals complete will enjoy special pricing on our selection of Italian Corte Giara wines by the bottle.

Take-away pizza is also available; simply phone in your order to +599 717-1697.

Mangia, mangia!


Menu for Sebastian’s Italian Family Sunday Dinner

Pizzas may be ordered "half-half" as well.


Beef Carpaccio  $13.50

Octopus Carpaccio   $13.50

Insalata Caprese $13.50

Insalata Italiana $9.50

Pizzas (all $16.00):

Spicy octopus

Fresh tuna


Garlic Shrimps

Gorgonzola, salmon and spinach

Prosciutto and arugula



BBQ Chicken

Quattro Stagioni

Pastas (all $16.00):

Served with spaghetti:

Spicy fish
Pasta Pesto (with fresh basil)

Served with fettuccine:


Desserts (all $9.90):

Lemon Sorbet with Merengue